Let's talk about making babies...

When: monday, October 8 @ 7:30pm
where: anywhere you're comfortable
Cost: $30 per person

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"Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die."

Do you remember that scene from Mean Girls? Of course you do! And you believed the hell out of it too didn't you? 

Maybe not the die part... that probably (hopefully) seemed like hyperbole. But how long were you taught that if you had sex without using protection that you would definitely get pregnant? Do you still believe that getting pregnant will just happen the first time you start trying?

Well... it might! But it's more common for it to take several months to make a baby. And once you decide you're ready to do the baby dance you don't always want to waste time figuring out all the different things you need to know about your body to give you the best chance for getting pregnant. 

Wouldn't it be great if you already knew all about basal body temperatures, ovulation, cervical change, and why all those things are important before Aunt Flow makes her arrival when you reeeaaallly didn't want her to visit?

Join me for an informative virtual chat about those topics and more! 

Whether you have baby fever now or you just want to know more, log in and get your questions answered. 

Can't make the live webinar? A replay will be available for everyone who registers so you can watch anonymously or on your own time.

Knowledge is the first step in taking control of your fertility and your body. Register today and learn how to become an expert on YOU.